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The survey on the color collocation ability in college fine arts based on divergent thinking

Author(s): Lanying Liu

The divergent thinking plays a significant role in training the ability of color collocation in fine arts for University students. This paper sets out to enable the teachers to have a glimpse of the students’ divergent thinking in their training process which is based on divergent thinking-oriented training method. The paper conducted a further research on training the students’ ability of color collocation from the perspective of coordination and unity of color and discussed specifically the factors affecting the effect of color collocation. Moreover, the paper illustrated the categories and characteristics of colors to provide the students a better insight into the categories that colors can be put into and pinpoint the three attributes of color as well as the different collocation models. In this way, the divergent thinking would lay a solid theoretical foundation in the training process of color collocation in fine arts for college students. Finally, the paper discusses the psychological effect of colors in order to gradually improve the students’ divergent thinking in the process of color collocation so as to make greater contributions to color collocation. What mentioned above are the main ideas of this paper, in which the aims of study can be clearly seen and would make this paper have a strong significance of practice and more scientific.

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