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The study on the algorithm of the medical diagnostic decision support system under the mobile platform

Author(s): Yang Jia-cheng, Wang Xiaoming, Dang Jianwu

The Mobile platform usually refers to provide reference for design, hardware chipset and upper communication protocols and support complete platform software and development tools. Downstream vendors can be designed according to the need in a short time and make the corresponding mobile products. Application developers can don't need to care about the platform hardware related content, and for the type of mobile devices, mobile platform of supporting software and the corresponding development tools have a systematic understanding. Medical professionals dealing with patients is the key to decision making. In the diagnosis of the patient's condition, adjust the treatment plan and monitoring the changing condition when making decisions. In recent decades, people have developed a series of methods and tools to assist clinicians to decide. Generally speaking, the tools and methods is not to replace their jobs, but people used to assist and support. As information and communication technology in the field of health care organization's infrastructure has become increasingly important, doctors, healthcare professionals and other associated with health care personnel aware of these calculation methods and techniques to support the importance of the decision making process.

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