The study on how to evaluate and improve the low-carbon economic development level of resource-based cities

Author(s): Weihua Jiang

The resource-based city cannot develop without resources, however, with the development of the entire economy and society of our country, it also needs to be transformed and upgraded. Propelling low-carbon economy can ensure a sustainable development and improve its development quality. At the same time the evaluation of low-carbon economic development level is helpful for city planning. In this paper, it constructs an indicator system to evaluate low-carbon economic development level. The system involves 5 second grade indicators, in each of which includes many third factors. Then the system is applied to evaluate the low-carbon economic development level of T city. Specifically through calculating the low-carbon economic development index (F), it evaluates the low-carbon economic comprehensive level and the development level of second grade indicators in a quantitative way and meanwhile analyzes them qualitatively and finally it provides 4 pieces of advice to improve economic level. By combining these two approaches and taking quantitative approach as the main study approach, it studies the low-carbon economic development level of T city that represents the resource-based cities and these approaches are reliable and can be taken as a reference for further study and other researchers.

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