The study on comprehensive evaluationmodel for sports teaching quality

Author(s): Feng Xiao, Haiying Fan, Dongmei Li

The evolution of sports teaching is a kind of important mode of teaching evolution in school. With the development of society, Universities and Colleges developed in-depth comprehensive research and showed general concerns on sports teaching evaluation. The establishment of a perfect system in physical education is a new requirement that the new historical period entrusted on the Institutions of Higher Education in China because it has a far-reaching impact on improving national quality and physical quality. The paper builds a historical system for the sports teaching, also builds model of sports teaching in theory. By constructing a basically thought of fuzzy comprehensive evolution by using the principle of maximum membership degree and fuzzy linear transformation, and considering various influence relevant to the assessment of the things, one goal towards reasonable integrated assessment on another thing can be reached. After that, rationality and effectiveness of comprehensive evaluation model are verified through two practical examples in different locations, which prove that the evaluation results are in good level. Therefore, the verification proved that themodel is accurate,which achieved practical application that evaluationmodel fuzzymathematics plays a part on the studentsÂ’ physical quality.

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