The study of the keep-right-except-to-pass rule

Author(s): Zhang Qiuna, Liu Qiumei, Meng Qingwei, Zhang Yixue, Yang Aimin

The rule of driving automobiles on the right requires drivers to drive in the right-most lane unless they are passing another vehicle.When overtaking, the drivers move one lane to the left and retune to their former travel lane after passing. First, this paper presents twomathematicalmodels to analyze this rule. Second, the integral equation between the distance which the overtaking vehicle has driven and the distance which the previous i vehicles have driven is formed and the driving hours 0 t which the changing line vehicle spends on the changing line conforms to the following condition: m m 2 0 m c m c 0 0 a v a t (a t v ) 2a C t      It justifies that the overtaking vehicles should spend some time on the changing line before returning to the original lane which can reduces the frequency of lane changing and is conducive to the improvement of traffic flow.

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