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The study of the integration of automotive marketing channel management and the promotion of distributor competitiveness

Author(s): Jinpin Wei

With the continuous development of modern technology and continuous progress of globalization, the competitive environment in the automotive industry has undergone enormous changes. Compared with developed countries, the speed of development of China's automotive industry is still relatively slow; the industry is still in its infancy. The main reason we fall behind is that the marketing concept, marketing methods and marketing strategies of the car are behind many developed countries, and in CHINA automobile sales channel in the automotive industry is still relatively simple, it cannot meet the demand of major consumer groups. Out-dated sales model allows companies could not be better to expand market share, weakens competitiveness of many car dealers who are at the low end of the industry. In order to compare or compete with developed countries in the automotive industry, to increase our capital in the automotive industry, to enhance the competitiveness of our business and occupy a seat in the world automotive industry, we must find a marketing channel with reasonable, innovative and valuable. So based on our analysis of current automobile sales market and the current marketing model, this article focuses on proposing innovative marketing model, to strengthen the integration of automotive marketing channel management and further enhance the competitiveness of the dealer.

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