The study of preparation of fly ash geopolymer based on optimization for response surface methodology

Author(s): Qingwei Sun, Han Zhu

In order to solve the optimization problem of parameters and conditions in fly ash geopolymer preparation effectively, a series of research experiments were designed and conducted in the paper using response surface methodology (RSM). Firstly, Single factor gradient analysis was adopted to determine the reasonable level of various factors in the response surface analysis, the paper investigated the 28-day compressive strength development with water glass modulus, NaOH content, water /fly ash ratio, curing temperature and curing time. Secondly, the preparation conditions were optimized to improve the 28-day compressive strength of the materials based on the single factor analysis by using RSM, and high strength geopolymer materials was prepared by this method. The study also proved the effectiveness of RSM to optimize the preparation conditions of geopolymer through validated test

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