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The study of games and improvements in community square body-building activities based on the analytic hierarchy process

Author(s): Cuilan Li, Zhongyan Li, Huijun Song

Community square body-building activities are the basic motivation of sports spreading in the whole country and an important part of gymnastic industry. With lots of sports fans being there, community squares are very convenient and the first choice of sporting activities for people. Meanwhile, the spreading of community square body-building activities also contributes to the dissemination of sports among people. This text has made the game analysis and improvement study in community square body-building activities through the angle of people groups involved in community square body-building activities and begins the paper by analyzing several common community activities. First, the Discriminant Analysis Method is used to analyze the degree of participation and satisfaction of people in different age groups in football, basketball, badminton, rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, social dance, square dance and tai chi chuan. It also raises that teenagers have passion for the community square body-building activities like football, basketball, badminton, rope skipping and shuttlecock kicking, etc. Second, the Analytic Hierarchy is taken to study the square sporting activities that are suitable for teenagers and middle-aged people through comparing priorities. Then, the conclusion is: in order to raise teenagers’ enthusiasm for sports and encourage more middle-aged and elderly people to do sports, sporting facilities should be improved. We also should build small football courts, basketball courts and put some new activities like rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, etc. into the ranks of sports.

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