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The research on the sports biomechanics analysis of the basic movement in dance

Author(s): Guo XiaoXi

Sports biomechanics has become an important branch of biomechanics, which is mainly applied by mechanics principle and approach in order to research the structure and function of biological systems. Sports dance is through the body dynamics, the change of amplitude, velocity and attitude model, show the body beauty and natural beauty of the movement. In the current paper, the sports biomechanics analysis of the basic movement in dance has been researched in detail. By means of test approach, six ballet students are chosen as the object to test their basic motion of dancing. This paper presents the biomechanics theory advance in dance. The objective of this research can deal with the detailed mechanical analysis of sports dance process for dancer and coach to avoid the happening of the injury or accident. According to the force of research, the height and speed of jumping for every tested person are recorded and mainly discuss the influence of the center of gravity and speed. The analysis results indicate that the two factors are of utmost significance in practical training.

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