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The research on the spider network model of passenger flow corridor recognition in urban rail transportation planning

Author(s): Luo Xiao-Qiang

Passenger flow corridor recognition is one of the important research content of network framework phase in urban rail transportation planning. Because of the rail transportation planning aimed at long term forward, not completely follow the existing road network, but exist the interactive relationship with future trip distribution. In this article, the spider network model has been proposed based on the working process of rail transportation network framework to identify the Passenger flow corridor, by applying the traffic planning method, the distribution-assignment combination model, the basic geometric relationships, and TransCAD planning software technology. Firstly, the article discussed the theoretical basis and the calculation method of Spider Network Model in urban rail transportation network planning. And finally, the article carried out the applied research by using the method in big xi 'an passenger flow corridor analysis for example. The results shows that using the spider network model to recognition the spatial distributions of urban rail transportation passenger flow corridors is simple and effective

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