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The research on algorithms of embedded process control system

Author(s): Ming Xue

The embedded process control system is a new type of control system. In our daily life, it exists in each aspect regardless of food, clothing, live or transportation. However, the algorithm is the most important part that can’t be neglected in the research on embedded process control system. This paper introduced the formation of ideas, structure principle and the basic algorithm of the embedded process control system. Firstly, it introduced the theoretical basis of the embedded process control system; Secondly, put forward the open loop embedded process control system and embedded process control of closed-loop system after making further analysis of its basic structure. Then it analyzed the difference between the two principles. Finally, C language, C ++ language, Java, Java Scrip, LOGO several programming languages were introduced on the basis of the study above. In addition, it evaluated them by fuzzy algorithm. Thus put forward that the embedded process control system combines the advantages of embedded systems and process control systems, in open and closed loop process control systems embedded in two, part of the operating system is the main difference lies. C and C ++ language is the basic algorithm, for different embedded process control systems, they need to create a different language its program implementation.

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