The research of the new generation migrant workers based on the fair theory of urban integration mechanism

Author(s): Zou Yongwen

In 2010, the central file NO.1 first proposed "new generation migrant workers", which fully embodies the party central committee to the new generation of migrant workers care and attaches great importance to this special group, as well as new features and highlights the problems of rural migrant workers and the urgency to solve the problem of migrant workers in cities are discussed. Based on equity theory visual, with analysis of Cenozoic migrant workers city into the status quo, that the household registration system on the basis of urban and rural social system is new generation of migrant workers into the root of the city. Therefore, to gradually cancel divided urban and rural social management system, build the fairness of social management of urban and rural integration system; Build a new generation of migrant workers the fairness of the continuing education and the new generation migrant children of compulsory education mechanism; Build and fair order of city culture atmosphere, increases the belonging of the new generation of urban migrant workers and identity

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