The research of sports fitness needs of different populations basing on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method

Author(s): Yan Li

The demand for physical exercise of people is higher and higher, sports gradually become a kind of industry. Different people's demands of sports influence the development of sports industry. So there are more and more investors investing sports industry on the requirement of different people. In order to facilitate the investors to make a more accurate and rapid determination of intention, this paper set up fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of different people's sports demand. This paper uses the literature material, and random sampling survey method to collect data. On the basis of summarizing predecessors' work, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is cited to the research problem of different people's sports demand. The white-collar worker, bluecollar worker and gold-collar worker is the judged object, and take the middle school sports demand weights and teaching sports demand weight as the weight of the set. We finally obtained two different results by computing, we got conclusion that investors should increase the building of athletics sports project investment in the field of working and living areas of gold-collar workers and white-collar workers combining with the actual situation.

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