The research of score interval adaptive algorithms based on orthogonal wavelet transform in wireless communication

Author(s): Zhang Renshang, Qukaishe

On the basis of analysis of the orthogonal wavelet transform theory and scores interval oftenmathematicalmodel algorithm(FSE-CMA), proposed a score interval norm adaptive algorithm (WT-FSE-CMA) based on orthogonal wavelet transform. The algorithm will be introduced to the theory of orthogonalwavelet transformT/2 scores between normadaptive algorithm, make full use of the wavelet transform to the correlation of the signal, as well as the fractional spaced equalizer for signal sampling properties.With potter, T/2 scores intervals norm adaptive algorithm, the algorithmconvergence speed, small steady-state error, equalization effect is better. Finally, use the wireless channel adaptive algorithm simulation results, verify the performance of the algorithm.

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