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The relational model of athlete's physical fitness indicators and jump performance

Author(s): Lei Wang

In this paper, through fitting, logistic model (retardant growth model), multiple linear regressionmodels, nonlinear regressionmodels, it conducts analysis and prediction on high jump using computer software, obtains the corresponding function, and according to the function predicts the achievements for the next Olympic. Study found that due to human body function and other factors, themen’s ultimate achievementwill reach 2.4024 m, and womenwill reach 2.1173 m.We establish the scatter diagramof the domestic elite male athlete’s various physical fitness indicators and high jump performance, and finds that it does not meet the linear relationship. Thus we use nonlinear regression models to analyze the domestic men jumper’s physical fitness, wherein we also use the stepwise regression model. Fromthe stepwise regression figure, we can clearly see correlation between the high jump scores and the run-up reaching height is very strong, while the correlation with other factors is weak.

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