The regression analysis on fast strength and punch speed of the left foot and right foot in Sanda hook based on kinematic mechanics

Author(s): Shibiao Dong

In order to make the level of Chinese Sanda athletes can improve rapidly, this paper firstly conducts the mechanical analysis and dynamic analysis on the upper body and left and right arms of Sanda athletes when do flat hooks, obtains the potential energy produced by the various parts of the body when Sanda athletes do flat hooks. Then it analyzes that when the athletes do flat hooks, the correlation between the strength parameters and the punch speed of the left foot and right foot is more significant; the ratio of the strength of the left foot and right foot and the athlete’s body weight, and the time for the left foot and right foot to reach the maximum strength has quadratic function relationships with the punch speed, the extreme value of the right foot is x  0.204, y  5.643 , and the extreme value of the left foot is x  0.189, y  5.587 . And as can be seen from the results, athletes’ enhancing the strength and force speed when pedaling the ground in training, and shortening the force time are in favor of the punch speed of hooks

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