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The mechanical plugging technology research based on the leakage of hazardous pipeline

Author(s): Hongwei Yan, Hongyi Ma, Ling Chen

Through the mode and state mathematical model of pipeline leak and dynamics model of hazardous pipeline are established by the leakage mechanism and form of hazardous pipeline, in the same time the computational fluid dynamics Simulation of fluid in pipeline and the flow and pressure states theoretical assess of leak location of pipeline are finished, we can obtain the relation between the leakage average total pressure and the change of hole size of leakage, and the situation of average pressure radical change of aperture leak, these put forward specific performance indicators to the design of the plugging device. Then a mechanical interior plugging based on pipeline leak of poison gas is designed, the research including the degree of difficulty of the operation of the apparatus, plugging pressure, response time, the performance of interior plugging gasbag etc, and the verification of plugging effect of interior plugging device are completed. Finally the nuclear framework of method library of hazardous emergency plugging is accomplished, this provide important technical support for safety of enterprise production and normal running of fluid delivery system

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