The manufacture and nutritional analysis of the colocasia esculenta jam

Author(s): Guo Hu, Shangqin Hu

In order to further develop the use of Colocasia esculenta and carry on the intensive processing to the Colocasia esculenta,use the Colocasia esculenta entity as the raw material. After cleaning and grinding into the sauce andmixingwith the supplementarymaterial, the bottling sterilization becomes the Colocasia esculenta jam, andmaking the nutrition ingredient analysis separately to the Colocasia esculenta jamwith chemistrymethod and the instrument method. The result indicates that the Colocasia esculenta jamcolor is bright and light red brown, flavor tasty, the nutrition is rich, the protein content is 4.87%, including 17 kinds of amino acids and the 8 kinds of essential amino acids of the human body, the fat is 1.97%, as well as the richmineral substance,with the vitamin. TheColocasia esculenta jam is one of the nutrition for the old and seasiongs young. This has provided the scientific basis for the Colocasia esculenta thorogh research and the development.

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