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The kinetic analysis of the lifting of waltz's center of gravity based on the mechanical impedance model

Author(s): HuaZeng, XiaohuaPeng

This paper studies the lifting technology in the Waltz dance action, by analyzing the human action in the lifting process of the waltz’s center of gravity, establishes the transfer function of the lifting process of waltz center of gravity, on the basis of waltz lifting process, establishes the humanmechanical impedancemodel with five degrees of freedom, obtains the body’s impedance transfer function of the dancer’s head, waist, thigh and calve during the lifting process, uses the overall relationship of the above four transfer functions and the human body system, and establishes the human chain model of waltz dance. Through the established human body’s impedance model, this paper tries to produce an illuminating effect for the research of waltz dancers’ lift technology.

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