The interception state algorithm of master_ robot soccer based on numerical analysis

Author(s): SiZhe Sun

In this paper, it studies the ball interception problemofMaster robot soccer, after the establishment of the motion model and state update equations of players and the football, uses the numerical analysis method to simulate the ball interception problems, and finally simplifies the numerical algorithms on this ball interception issue. The simplified numerical results show that the time needed to traverse all players is basically 0.02 milliseconds. The players in no-ball controlled state use the simplified analysis method to conduct overall test, and no obvious interception misjudgment appears. The no ball controllers need to accurately analyze the fastest interception time for both sides, and can use the complex numerical algorithms;And ball controllers have higher requirements of the ball interception analysis, so we use the simplified numerical algorithms, which do not affect the decision-making time and makes it easier to implement.

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