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The income distribution mechanism of cooperation leaguers in the contractual knowledge alliance

Author(s): Jun Mi*, Kai You, Shuli Li, Xiaoxia Yan

Contractual Knowledge Alliance is a network organization contracting as the link, sharing knowledge resources, promoting the knowledge flow and innovation, through stock rights or contracts with other institutions formed network organization of complementary advantages and sharing risk. Organizational limited rationality, opportunism and uncertainty in the external environment lead to instability in the alliance itself. Designing effective income distribution mechanism is conducive to enhancing the stability of the alliance. Clear the four principles on income distribution of Contractual Knowledge Alliance, according to the size of contribution value, the size of risk taking, the principle of utility maximization and the principle of systems comprehensive optimization. We analyzed based on the size distribution of income, according to the contribution value, according to the size of the risk compensation, according to the distribution of utility maximization principle of three kinds of income distribution mathematical model. To systematically and comprehensively reflect the differences in the income distribution of the above three principles in various situations, using improved optimization group centerof- gravity model and introducing the importance coefficient, the paper illustrates the application of group center-of-gravity model in the income distribution of cooperation Leaguers in the Contractual Knowledge Alliance through specific examples.

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