The impact statistical analysis of the shot throwing speed and angle on results based on numerical simulation

Author(s): PengCheng Li

This paper uses Newtonian mechanics etc. physics, mathematics knowledge to establish a mathematical model of the shot put throwing process, discusses three main factors shot speed, shot height and shot angle that impact shot throwing achievements, and then analyzes using numerical method, calculates the influence degree of the various influencing factors on shot throwing distance, and determines the primary and secondary relationship between the influencing factors. The numerical analysis shows that the optimal shot angle of Shot Putters is between 42°-42.5°. The impact deviation of shot velocity on throwing distance is about 7-8m, accounting for 32%-34% of the farthest throwing distance, and accounting for 47%-52%of the nearest throwing distance.While the impact deviation of shot angle on throwing distance is about 0.001-0.007m, accounting for 0.001%-0.030% of the farthest throwing distance, and accounting for 0.003%-0.03% of the nearest throwing distance.

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