The impact of forestry biomass energy on environment and its development and utilization

Author(s): Zhao Jingfeng

It is an irreversible trend that petrochemical energy would be dried up. At the same time of ensuring the exertion of forest ecological function, the proper development of forestry biomass energy will be the direction for the demand alteration of future society and energy transformation. Although China has abundant forest resources, there are many difficulties in reality, such as unstable policy and regulation operation; insufficient raw material supply; unsound market security mechanism system; weak energy and environment awareness of the people; unsmooth investment and financing system; incomplete diversified investment channel; objective factors: how to face the difficulties of forest resource on wide range, scattered resource, collection, purchase and transportation; and subjective factors: different impact from different development and benefit groups under the limitation of different interests target function. Therefore, we need effective solutions to handle the difficulties in future so as to develop and utilize forest biomass energy sufficiently.

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