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The impact of e-service quality, transaction feedback on e-trust, and purchase intention in China’s consumer-toconsumer e-retailing.

Author(s): Chongcai Wang, Mingli Zhang

This study attempts to analyze the relationship e-service quality, historical transaction feedback and e-trust, purchase intention in China’s Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) eretailing. Specifically, the effects of different e-service quality dimensions and transaction feedback on e-trust are investigated. The results show that e-service quality four different dimensions, historical transaction feedback all have significant positive impact on e-trust. Among them, Web site design, fulfillment/reliability is the first and second driver of etrust respectively. However, responsiveness is the smallest influence on e-trust, and historical feedback is in the middle position impact on e-trust. Additionally, e-trust has a strong impact on purchasing intention. The conclusion of the paper gives us new understanding about the intentions to purchase in C2C context., which can not only help researchers to study intensively about e-service quality and historical transaction feedback theory, but also make e-shop sellers understand customers’ decision-making better and further improve their online services.

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