The impact factor research of table tennis ball control based on the equation of state

Author(s): Genghua Lei, Long Zhang

This paper analyzes the force condition of the table tennis during the flight process, focuses on the analysis of the effect of air resistance on the ball, provides a basis for the establishment of the kinematic model; then on the basis of stress analysis it establishes a kinematic model of table tennis, discredited the sport continuity equation, obtains the easy-to-computerimplemented equation of state of tennis flight, based on the equation of state, analyzes the collision process of table tennis, introduces the speed attenuation coefficient, establishes the movement equation of state of table tennis before and after the collision; finally, respectively, it achieves the process experiment of 40 groups’ tennis flight and crash process via computer, conducts the comparative study on the actual data with the camera and the predicted data of the placement position and placement time obtained using the model, obtains the reliability and precision characteristics of the model, and provides a theoretical basis for precise shots of table tennis and the development in other areas of table tennis

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