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The genetic algorithm optimize computing applications in computer network reliability analysis

Author(s): Wenlong Du

With the continuous development of the times and network technology continues to improve. Among the current areas of all walks of life computer networks has become a major tool of work, how to be able to once again raise the existing foundation on the face of the reliability of the computer network, which is a lot of people are concerned about the problem. With respect to the conventional algorithm, the genetic algorithm itself has Solving convenient, fast search also the algorithm itself is relatively simple structure, etc., and even when the global calculated to obtain optimal approximation. The main task is to maximize the improvement of the reliability of the network. In the course of the study of this problem, how to be able to reduce the total cost of the network link conditions so that the reliability of the network becomes higher, this issue has no doubt become a network designers as well as users are most concerned about the focus, if the breakthrough must be able to bring great benefits. Therefore, under these two premises in the computer network link media costs as well as network reliability teaching model factors in order to practice the way of computer network reliability optimization calculation reform, genetic algorithm is applied to which achieved good results in this paper.

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