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The fiber optic sensor-based online monitoring technology for oil well down-hole casting strain and pressure

Author(s): Peng Liu

Oilfield casing not only bring economic losses, but also oil field development program and the application of enhanced oil recovery measures adversely affect, directly affecting the development of oil fields, well casing damage has become the hard problem of oil fields. In recent years, domestic and foreign scholars have been conducting research damaged well casing, casing damage mechanism in a certain degree of understanding achieved, but there is no effective way to prevent and mitigate the damage cased hole, therefore, to grasp the casing deformation and stress and strain, early prevention and treatment has become an urgent problem. In accordance with the special circumstances of oil well and characteristics of oil field casing, made using fiber-optic sensors monitoring strain and pressure oil well casing, making the analysis of fiber grating sensor and fiberoptic Brillouin sensors external pressure during oil well casing pipe and casing deformation when the strain monitoring of the working process. Through the real-time monitoring experiment, it shows that the casing real-time monitoring system based on the fiber-optic sensors can reflect the axial and circumferential casing stress real-timely and accurately. It is significant to forecast the casing damage accurately and reduce economic losses.

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