The factors affecting the dalian international shipping center construction

Author(s): Yanzhe Li, Yuxin Ma

This article based on the analysis of the major characteristics of today's international shipping center and developing pattern of the world's leading shipping center, along with factors such as location, hinterland economy development, points out the developing mode of Dalian international shipping center, brings out the direction of its construction, and then analyzes the elements that influence its formation and development at home and abroad. Revolving around the effective factors, the paper makes a further research on the status quo, diagnoses the ongoing major problems, and puts forward the priorities of their developments. Last but not the least, with reference to the success of international shipping centers at home and abroad, based on the priority development of influential elements, the paper presents corresponding countermeasures and suggestions aimed at ongoing problems, so as to promote the progress of Dalian international shipping center construction

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Table of Contents