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The examination of the stage-discontinuity of health action process approach in college student’s physical exercise behavior

Author(s): Qinghua Yuan

The study examines the characteristics of health action process approach (HAPA model), the behavioral stage discontinuity, social cognitive variable’s stage difference and path coefficient’s difference between variables, reflected in college student’s physical exercise. After having investigated 582 students for four months, by issuing questionnaires and applying the longitudinal method this study investigates their physical exercise behavior and relative social cognitive variables and uses structural equation model, confirmatory factor analysis and multi-group structural model to analyze the applicability of HAPA model in student’s physical exercise, the stage difference of social cognitive variables and the path coefficient’s difference between variables. The final results shows that HAPA model applies for the exercise and though three stage groups are measured equally, the potential average of social cognitive variable and the path coefficient of these variables in non-intention stage 1, intention stage 2 and action stage 3 are obvious different.

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