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The establishment of membership coordination system in the process of tourism service supply Chain operation

Author(s): Yajun Fang

Higher comprehensiveness of travel service products has put forward higher requirement on the coordination of membership in tourism service supply chain operation. Considering the important position of tourists and tour shipping company in tourism service supply chain and the difficulty of relationship coordination, the study takes it as key point, using relevant theory and model to study the problems of relationship coordination. The results show that honesty problem between the travel agency and tourists can be solved by establishing and improving the methods of the related tourism industry association releasing relevant information. For the conflict and interest game between the travel agencies and airlines, we can achieve the optimal reservation strategy through adjusting the ticket price discount to make revenue maximization. As for the problem of travel service supply chain management, the comprehensive service system shall be built, aiming to achieve tourism service supply chain coordination. On the basis of mastering complete tourism service supply chain structure, and combing the tourism service supply chain elements, the management points of travel service supply chain are discussed. And profit model and the best data selection model are applied to discuss and analyze the supply chain operation better realizing member link relations coordination, for the purpose of concluding the constructive measurements.

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