The environmental impact assessment of DDT in China

Author(s): Jiahua Dong

The impact of permanent organic pollutants(POPs)on the health of human beings and the environment is drawing increasing attention of the international society. DDT was ranked as one of the first 12 controlled materials by the convention of POPs[1], but the knowledge on the impact of DDT on the ecology and environment is still not clear enough even now. This article makes an analysis of the harm of DDT on the ecology from the following aspects: its transformation and end-result in the environment, its function of biological magnification and its toxicity of environmental chemistry. Then is a relatively systematic discussion over the environmental impact of DDT and the products containing DDT in their production, transportation in their entire lifecycle. Based on this, an analysis and evaluation is carried out mainly on the impact of DDT on the environment of our country. The results show that the amount of residue of DDT in the soil of the main yielding regions is without exception high and that there is no apparent difference in terms of the amount of residue of DDT between different kinds of soils show that DDT has a prominent influence on the soils of the main yielding regions; The result of the environmental disaster monitoring showed that there were DDT and its catabolites DDD1 and DDE2 in the seawater and the marine deposits which are still the poisons with high hangover; the thickness of DDT and Cu in the bodies of the bred organism from the breeding zones in the sea water alongshore sometimes exceeded the standard; DDT and its catabolites have a very strong biologic feature of accumulation and amplification.

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