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The empirical research of the relationship between product market competition and surplus information

Author(s): Yan Hui, Zhang Yanfang

Ensuring the quality of the information disclosure of the company and itself, which could help investors know the real value of the company, is the necessary premise to help protect the interests of them and the securities market of the rational allocation of resources. This study focus on the emerging market and the research object is China's ashare listed companies. This study mainly discusses the influence of product market competition on the quality of the surplus information from the perspective of industrial organization theory. This paper tried to expand the company's financial theory field to the accounting information theory from the subject basis of the industrial organization theory, further deepening the explanation of surplus information quality. Through this paper we found that (1) Concentration degree of the industry is higher, the company's surplus information quality is worse. (2) There is a certain positive relationship between industry homogeneity and company surplus information quality, industry homogeneity is higher, the better the quality of surplus information company. (3) In a given industry concentration degree of cases, industry homogeneity has positive effect on the surplus information quality. Industry homogeneity will help alleviate the industry concentration and have a negative impact on surplus information quality.

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