The effects of Eucheuma cottonii on sperm quality and tissue lead level in rats exposed to lead nitrate

Author(s): Dzulsuhaimi Daud, Nabihah Md Nawi, Asmida Ismail, Alene Tawang

The aims of this study were to determine the capability of Eucheuma cottonii to improve spermquality and to reduce lead accumulation in organs of rats exposed to lead. SpragueDawley rats (n=24)were randomly assigned to four groups. GroupAserved as a control and receivedmaintenance diet, Group B received maintenance diet and supplemented with 500 mg.kg-1 of E. cottonii, Group C receivedmaintenance diet and 20 mg.kg-1 lead nitrate and Group D received maintenance diet, 500 mg.kg-1 E. cottonii and 20 mg.kg-1 lead nitrate. Rats were fed with the designated diet for five weeks and bodyweight was monitored on weekly basis. Sperm quality was evaluatedmanually and lead accumulation in internal organswasmeasured by atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Lead intoxication significantly reduced bodyweight and sperm quality. E. cottonii supplementation in healthy rats significantly increased spermquality and reduced bodyweight. Meanwhile, E. cottonii supplementation to lead-exposed rats was able to improve their bodyweight and decrease lead accumulation in rat’s internal organs. In addition, spermquality in lead-exposed rats improves significantly following E. cottonii supplementation. We conclude that E. cottonii efficiently increased sperm quality in healthy and lead-exposed rats. E. cottonii also possess a capability as a chelating agent.

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