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The effect of different storage methods on hazelnut oil properties

Author(s): Shao Hong,a,Li Yunjiao, Ma Yong

Vacuum, filling nitrogen, add anti-oxidants were three ways to deal with hazelnut oil, through high temperature forced oxidation to shorten hazelnut oil experimental observation period, the five indicators which were color, odor, peroxide value, acid value, carbonyl value determined hazelnut oil quality, what tested methods of hazelnut oil storage. The experimental results show that, through the forced oxidation at a temperature of 60 ℃ after 20 days, the blank, vacuum, filling nitrogen, filling nitrogen +0.01%TBHQ、0.02%TBHQ were five ways to deal with hazelnut oil samples, which color were deepened, which smell were added the 0.02%TBHQ unchanged, the other all had rancidity odor; With the extension of forced oxidation time, blank, vacuum, nitrogen hazelnut oil samples of peroxide value, acid value, carbonyl value were significantly increased, filling nitrogen +0.01%TBHQ, 0.02%TBHQ treatment of hazelnut oil samples of peroxide value, acid value, carbonyl value increased slowly, peroxide value increased amplitude of the smallest; adding 0.02%TBHQ could be effective to extend the shelf life of hazelnut oil, and keep the sensory quality

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