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The effect of consumption emotions on tourist satisfaction and behavioral intentions

Author(s): Beiling Ma, Lujun Su, Xiaoqing Hu, Chuanwen Xia

Tourist loyalty is a critical factor which ensures the invincible position of an enterprise in fierce market competition. In this paper, we conducted research about the relationships among the consumption emotion, tourist satisfaction and loyalty of a total of 320 tourists in rural areas of Changsha City. The results show that positive emotion has a significantly positive impact on tourist satisfaction, but insignificant direct impact on the three dimensions, and thus is an intermediary factor. Negative emotion has a significant direct negative impact on tourist satisfaction, and a positive impact on search for alternatives. Tourist satisfaction has a significant direct positive impact on revisit intentions and wordof- mouth directly, and a significant direct negative impact on search for alternatives. All these findings indicate that tourist satisfaction fully mediates the effect of consumption emotions on revisit intentions and word of mouth, and partially mediate the effect of consumption emotions on search for alternatives.

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