The educational value analysis of university aerobics based onAHP

Author(s): Feng Gao

Aerobics is an essential sporting event in the University education. Since it has various forms and has a rich humanity and entertainment, it is very popular among college students. Aerobics cultivates their own sense of team, aesthetic consciousness and innovation capability while benefiting the athlete’s body in the movement. This paper analyzes the aerobics from the four aspects of physical fitness, team spirit, aesthetic ability and innovation capability based onAHP; it obtains that physical education of aerobics accounts for 24% and humanities education accounts for 55.1%, which indicates that for the sport aerobics, humanities education accounts for a large proportion. By analyzing long-distance running and comparing aerobics, it obtains that two sports are different for the educational model. According to the obtained weights, long-distance running accounts for 55.3%of physical education, aerobics accounts for only 24%; long-distance running accounts for 29%of humanistic education,while aerobics accounts for 55.1%, by contrast aerobics is one sport with high humanistic educational meaning

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