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The development and design of the activity lesson of psychological health education based on constructivism

Author(s): Huabei Hu

The establishment of psychological health education course is an inevitable choice for psychological health education of school. Since it is unlike other subject teachings that are often employing the way of transference of static knowledge instead it applies various activities to carry out the teaching which decides the difference of teaching design between the psychological health education course and other courses. As long as teachers make an accurate positioning of psychological health education course the teaching design of the course would be feasible and effective. From the practices in recent years, we find that the implementation of psychological health education course in primary and middle high schools is unbalanced in which the mechanization and disciplinization are highly exposed in the course of psychological health education. In order to make the working system of psychological education more mature and comprehensive, the development and design of the course must be in accordance with the principle of student-centered so it would achieve its validity. The essay starts with the perspective of constructivism to analyze the activities of psychological health education of school. After analyzing the dilemmas of psychological health education has faced, the essay conducts the theoretical exposition on ‘student-centered’ teaching design of constructivism of psychological health education and provides the introduction and analysis of the development and practice of the course and the paradigms and analysis of teaching design.

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