The correlational research hotspots analysis of Hepatitis virology by PubMed

Author(s): Li Jianguang, Zhao Jinyuan, He Jundong, Zhang Bin, Li Jungai, Zhao Hongxia, Zhang Gairu, Gan Lanzhuang, Jing Jianmei, Zhang Lifang, Liu Tao, Guo Yicheng, Ma Liangjun, Hou Jinjie

Objective: To understand the research hotspots of Hepatitis virology by PubMed. Methods: With MS Excel, SPSS, Cytoscape software, we took MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) word frequency analysis, clustering analysis, co-word network graph of PubMed papers. Results: It shows that the current Hepatitis virology research hotspots had focus onHepatitis C and B,AntiviralAgents, etc, also the most importance of which was the HepatitisC.Conclusion: It is helpful and timesaving for researcher or doctor to understand the research hotspots in Hepatitis virology.

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