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The contrastive study of prediction of women's heptathlon performance based on grey theory and BP neural network prediction model

Author(s): Zhongren Hou

By adopting literature consultation the data from the scores of successive women’s heptathlon champions during the 23rd to 30thOlympicGames, this paper, based on the scores of the women’ heptathlon champions during the 23rd to 29th Olympic Games, respectively establishes the Grey Forecasting Model and the BP Neural Network Prediction Model, and predicts the scores of the women’ heptathlon champion of the 30thOlympic Games.Meanwhile, this paper also compares the predictionwith the actual value of these twomodels of the scores of thewomen’ heptathlon champion of the 30th Olympic Games, and analyzes these two models’ forecast precision.According to the result, prediction of theGrey ForecastingModel was 6572, and its errorwas 5.5%.And prediction of the BPNeuralNetwork Prediction Model was 6967, and its error was 0.18%. However, on the whole, the Grey ForecastingModel gives better fitting degree to data. The model precision was first grade, and the Grey Model is much fitter to prediction of scores of the women’ heptathlon champion of the Olympic Games.

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