The comprehensive evaluation model research on the impact of table tennis competition system changes on the results based on Matlab

Author(s): Yan Wang, Jianfeng Yang, Zhiguo Liu

The score changing situation within a Table tennis game is more complex. In order to more accurately describe the problem, this paper uses the classical probabilisticmodel to establish a function relationship of single round win probability and single game win probability, adopts the method of curve fitting images of hyperbolic tangent to simplify expressions, and thus leads to two evaluation models, namely contingency index and intense index. Study found that the contingency of using 11 points 5 winnings 3wins competition systemis almost 20 percent higher than 21 points 5 winnings 3 wins competition system. For the indicators of comprehensive evaluationmodel, it uses the optimal index evaluationmodel ofweightvariable function, defines a weight-variable function to distinguish the weight of contingency factors and intense degree when p is not the same and draws four competition system evaluation schemes by calculating the distance between each evaluated object and the ideal solution and the negative ideal solution.

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