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The comparison of regional logistics systems based on the logistics equilibrium

Author(s): Jian Xu, Ningning Chen

With the deep attention to the logistics by our government, Each local governments have enacted lots of policies to accelerate the process of modernization of logistics. Although these measures more or less have promoted the development of the logistics industry, The phenomena of over-investment which has led to a waste of regional resources have emerged in some areas because of the lack of rational understanding of balanced development and equilibrium situation and level of their own logistics system. For this, the paper applies equilibrium ideology which comes from economics to logistics system and presents a new theory which named Logistics equilibrium. According to this theory, the comparative indicators of regional logistics system are constructed from three aspects: regional logistics system equilibrium posture indicators, equilibrium level indicators and equilibrium running results indicators. Furthermore, the method of TOPSIS is introduced to form a complete compare model with the comparative indicators above. Finally, an example is used to verify the model above. This paper aims to provide a basis for some places which could recognize the shortcomings of their own logistics system by comparison and then put forward some practical policies and measures.

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