The comparative analysis on the age height spiking and blocking between Chinese and foreign women volleyball players

Author(s): Qin Xin

As a kind of competitive sports, the volleyball has strict requirements on the physical fitness of players, such as, age, height, etc. In the women’s volleyball sport competition, the height of spike and block is the key to the offence and defense of both sides in events. Our women volleyball team has a better performance in international competitions, but it still has strong opponents of Cuba and Russia, in particular, the Cuban team has been the long-term holder of the title in international women volleyball competitions, the age and height of its players are deserved to study. The study selects 108 members of women volleyball team in six countries as the research subjects, including Cuba, China, Russia, the United States, Germany and Brazil., and it makes statistics and comparative analysis on their age, height, spike height and block height. It is believed that recruiting and training the team players with a higher height can improve the block air supremacy in the competition, thereby creating a basic condition to win the race; the appropriate age structure can provide the back-up guarantee for winning the game and the long-term development ; the spike height and block height are related to the factors like age, height, and also the most critical factors determining the strength of a volleyball team. In order to get the initiative and gain more score points in the game, Chinese women’s volleyball team can learn the experience and lessons from the building and training of international top teams like Cuban, thus constantly improving its own strength and promoting the longterm development of Chinese women’s volleyball team. Through the method of comparative study, this study can provide some useful inspiration based on quantitative analysis for the construction of Chinese women’s volleyball team.

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