The change of cilium's function and the ostiomeatal complex mucosal

Author(s): Li Ruiyu, Ma Xueyu, Li Meng, Guo Kaoshan, Hou Jinjie, Wu Liping

Objective: Talk about the change of cilium’s function and the ostiomcatal complexmucosal ultrestructure aftermaxillary sinus cyst operation treatment and nonoperational treatment methods: choose 63 patients and divided theminto 2 groups. then cut down the tumor. Then inject the medicine and observe the patient of the two groups use some methods to observe the changes. Results: in surgical treatment group, nasal mucosa cilia propagation velocity is 4.08±1.26 mm/min. In the other group, the space is 8.23±2.13 mm/min. The difference is obvious between the two groups. According to the electronic microscope cilium is less and chaos arranged, parts of cells come off, local edema,minor Neutrogena. and goblet cells. In cross-section contains: 9+2microtubules in contrast group, ciliumis ciliaarrangement and thickness, abundant and intensive. 9+2microtub is clearly built. Conclusion: nonoperational treatment doesn’t affect the transfer rate of cilia propagation velocity and cilium’s physical function.

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