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The application study of micro and meso mechanical manufacturing

Author(s): Ting Ye

The present study is based on application of machinery manufacture, for machinery manufacturing based on micron and middle scale is an important object of today’s science and technology research. It is a dual-use technology which has both civilian and military applications, and it has a great influence. This paper mainly introduces the current situation of its development at home and abroad, analyzing the relationship between itself and the micro electronics technology, summarizing the present situation of its development, studying the three challenges which it faces with on the part of the basic theory, the engineering and technical and commercial, analyzing five aspects of its enabling technology, main problems arising in the development as well as the corresponding countermeasures. It is expected that the paper can be little referential to the related areas of research in China. Based on parallel but different technologies of micro processing equipment, miniaturization equipment, micro manufacturing system, and Micro compatible characteristics in micro manufacturing, we believe that agreement between study of the Micro-manufacturing equipment and systems and the strategic policy of M4 components and products production, will make carrying M4 satellite competition very promising. These devices are similar to most computers used in current days, which you can play once it is plugged, meanwhile it can work independently and can be integrated into the system easily.

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Table of Contents