The application of traditional chinese medicine in sports medicine

Author(s): Weizheng, Zhang Junping, Cai Xiaoping

Sports medicine is both a branch of medical science and an important part of sports science. Itmainly includes sportsmedical supervision, exertional disease prevention, sports nutriology, sports injury prevention, and sports rehabilitation. In 1978, China SportsMedicine Societywas founded, and in 1980, it joined the International Federation of Sports Medicine. In 2008, China successfully hosted the Olympic Games and has made remarkable achievements in sports. Traditional Chinese medicine has played an important role in maintaining Chinese people’s health and preventing diseases for years. Although there are many researches focus on sports medicine by traditionalChinesemedicine therapy and achieved good results in China, but these researches are mainly confined to study of one disease, not the overall review. No one has published comprehensive and international level papers. This paper comprehensively summarized the traditional therapy in recent years for the sports medicine, and hope the wholeworld sportsmedicine can benefit formtraditional Chinesemedicine. This paperwill discuss fromthe following aspects:Acupuncture,Massage, Traditional ChinesemedicineHerbs, Tai ji, Cupping, SkinAbsorption. They can relieve sports injuries and stress before games, improve athletic capacity, eliminate fatigue. Traditional Chinese medicine physical therapy can improve exercise capacity and reduce the occurrence of the placebo event.

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