The application of tabu search algorithm on split delivery open vehicle routing problem

Author(s): Qiang Song, Lingxia Liu

The traditional Open Vehicle Routing Problem (OVRP) assumes that the clientÂ’s demand can not be split and the type of vehicles is the same, but in the practical logistics distribution, the type of vehicles is not exactly the same, sometimes the transportation cost can be reduced by splitting the demand of clients to make the best of the loading capacity of vehicles. This paper proposes the SplitDeliveryOpenVehicle Routing Problemwith Heterogeneous Vehicles (SDOVRPHV) presents mathematic model with the integer programming, solves the problem with Tabu search algorithm and improves the generation of initial solution and neighborhood structure in the algorithm, By experiments, the effectiveness of model is validated, and the results are compared with the traditional OVRP which indicates that the algorithm can reduce effectively the transportation cost.

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