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The application of household energy-saving method in problem for environmental protection

Author(s): Yanbing Liang, Yongsheng Ma, Shuo Zhao

Since the reform and opening-up, China’s economy is rapidly growing and has made great achievements. But at the same time, huge price has been paid in both resources and environment. If we don’t accelerate economic restructuring and change of the pattern of economic growth, there will be a shortage in resources and deficiency in environmental capacity. That is what government can not afford and then economy will be difficult to sustain. Only by vigorously pursuing energy conservation and emission reduction, which can make economic growth really based on energy saving and environmental protection, can we achieve sound and rapid development in economic society. The central government has put forward clearly in the eleventh five-year plan that our country must accelerate the development of an environment-friendly society and make more efforts to protect the environment, and finally achieve sustainable development and change the pattern of economic growth. Energy-saving and cost-reducing are the key points in the eleventh five-year plan.1. Purpose of research: The research work of this article is about evaluation of household energy saving and saving effect.2. Idea of the model: First, we analyze the energy consumption based on the analog of a family’s major domestic electric appliances of a year. Then we establish a model with lists and plans: we calculate the total quantity of power-saving by listing and planning major domestic electric appliances of a family in one year. Then we transform the quantity to the amount of standard coal which is required in thermal power generation. And finally we work out the emission reductions of carbon dioxide and some other airborne contaminants.

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