The application of comprehensive scoring method in the World Cup Football Match

Author(s): Yong Li, Shanshan Li

As the football is continuing to improve itself in today's sports world, the footballers' tactical level is highly developed, among which, footballers' attack and defense skills are of important significance in the scoring opportunity, which generally determine the score of a team. Levels of the players of each World Cup Football Match held every four years could be regarded as the representatives of football teams in each region, which have a certain influence on the world, and also symbolize the developmental level of the country or the region. The idea of football varies in different age and area, which will ultimately affect the teams' attack strategy and the footballers' training form. A team shall go through long-term hoops and growth, finally developing and forming into a team who has its own characteristics. In this paper, the comprehensive scoring method is applied in the World Cup football match to carry on the comprehensive application analysis, and a pressing match is mainly adopted, whose core is to push ahead the key of defense and whose main feature is that the opposing player loses the ball in midfield, which expands the attack range, used to get a better shot and strive for the scoring. The chief functions of the comprehensive scoring method in the World Cup Football Match are to expand the space of attack and defense and to increase the attack points. The number of attacks would be extremely important in a football final, in direct proportion to the final result of the match, therefore, it is crucial to improve the goals ratio by grasping the attack points.

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