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The application of adaptive internal model control in large-capacity synchronous motor vector control system

Author(s): Xie Lun, Wang Ya-Meng, Hu Bo, Wang Zhi-Liang, Sun Tie

In the air gap flux-oriented vector control system, which is built based on the AC-DC-AC variable frequency speed control equipment of the large capacity synchronous motor, there are many problems, such as DC bias and dependence on motor parameters existing in the traditional voltage model flux observer. In addition, the pure integral element in the voltage model caused problems such as DC bias and integral saturation. Overcoming these problems will improve the observation accuracy of the flux and get good dynamic performance and robustness at the same time. Aimed at the above-mentioned problems, an improved voltage model flux observer based on adaptive internal model control is proposed. In consideration of the disturbance canceling structure in the adaptive inverse control system, the disturbance canceling model is built in this control system. At last, the cascaded LPF with compensation structure is set up to improve the model. The simulation research has been done by applying the improved voltage model in the 2500kw synchronous motor vector control system. The experimental results showed that the enhanced voltage model can prohibit the impact caused by the pure integral element, the parametric variation and the disturbance. The flux observation precision is increased by more than 10 times.

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