The analysis of factors affecting the development of tennis based on principal component analysis

Author(s): FengLi, Xiaoxuan Jia, Geng Du, AbdolGhaffar Ebadi

Tennis has been widely recognized and welcomed by the world public, but the development of tennis is very imbalanced, and to find the most important factors affecting the development of tennis has become a research hotspot. This paper uses the questionnaire method, principal component analysis and other statistical analysis to analyze the obtained data using Excel and SPSS. The results showed that only put several factors that the general publics think will impact tennis development into statistical software SPSS, conduct frequency analysis and the standard deviation of several observe parameters are around 40, which is not ideal. Principal component analysis method well solves this problem, and the study found: F2 (income and consumption attitudes), F4 (professional level of coaches) and F6 (less training institutions) are the main factors limiting the development of tennis in some areas.

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